IBM Instana

IBM Instana delivers real-time observability. All the data.
With all the context. For all your teams.

IBM Instana Observability gives everyone across the enterprise user-friendly access to the data they want with the context they need to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.

An integration software solution powered by AI, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration stands as a hybrid platform, employing closed-loop AI automation to facilitate various integration styles. This platform offers a comprehensive array of integration tools through a unified experience, enabling the seamless connection of applications and data across diverse cloud or on-premises environments.

Cloud Pak for Integration’s integration software plays a crucial role in unlocking business data silos and assets as APIs. It links cloud and on-premise applications, ensuring the safeguarding of in-flight data integrity through enterprise messaging. In addition, the platform delivers real-time event interactions, smooth data transfer across any cloud, and seamless deployment and scalability with a cloud-native architecture across shared foundational services, with end-to-end enterprise-grade security and encryption.

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Benefits of using this product


Accelerated innovation

Improve the overall speed and flow of DevOps pipelines through automation to better understand your environment and speed up innovation.


Automation-optimized operations

Mitigate user impact by predicting and resolving issues proactively with AI-powered solutions for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.


Better customer experiences

Increase conversion rates and revenue by gaining a comprehensive understanding of every customer interaction and optimizing them to deliver exceptional experiences.


Democratized observability

Not limited to a select set of power users, Instana gives anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development the data they want with the context they need.

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