Your Data: Integrated

App Connect Enterprise (ACE)

With IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE), organizations of any size can eliminate point-to-point connections and batch processing to increase business flexibility. ACE dynamically routes and transforms data.

The use of ACE to create an Enterprise Service Bus is a key piece of Technology for IBM today. It is used to perform integration between a variety of systems and to extend out to other areas.

So what is an Enterprise Service Bus?

An Enterprise Service Bus is a component of the SOA architecture for developing application integration solutions basically taking requests from service consumers and routing them to the service providers. That is accomplished through the Enterprise Service Bus using universal messaging and the concept of a catalogue of services or centralized registry.
The Enterprise Service Bus has 5 core Functions:

  • Connects everything to everything
  • Transforms between different data formats
  • Identifies and distributes Business events
  • Converts between different transport protocols
  • Matches & routes communications between services

Useful Features of IIB Express

It is the only advanced ESB solution purpose-built and priced for small and midsize companies.

  • It allows you to pay for what you need now and grow the capabilities and capacity in the future at your leisure.
  • App Connect Express only has one execution group (process).
  • Unlimited message flows within the execution group.
  • A low price point makes it perfect for small scale projects with simple integration needs.
  • Improves flexibility by eliminating point-to-point integration and tightly-coupled systems.
  • Choose a best-of-breed application that best support your business, or save costs by reusing your existing systems.
  • Simplified product reduces implementation time and costs associated with on-going maintenance efforts.
  • Implementation time of common flows only takes minutes and eliminates errors due to inconsistencies.
  • It improves efficiency of developing assets by reusing them in other applications that support this standard.
  • Provides end-to-end visibility of file and message traffic across the entire business network.
  • Minimizes business disruptions and ripple effects caused by network outages.