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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct provides companies the resources and performance they need to manage file transfer between mission-critical applications. It is the leading point-to-point, secure file transfer solution that fulfils the need for high-volume, secure, and reliable file delivery between companies.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct’s faster throughput represents a clear advantage for customers who need to transfer files within a particular timeframe. Lower CPU utilization rates mean that servers are not overtaxed during transfers, allowing the servers to be used for other tasks.

Unlike FTP implementations, Sterling Connect:Direct eliminates the need for manual intervention in data delivery, improving productivity and the reliability of business processes.

Some of the Key Benefits and Features of IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

  • Predictability

    IBM Sterling Connect:Direct sends files using assured delivery through automated scheduling, checkpoint restart, and automatic recovery or retry. If a file transfer is interrupted, Sterling Connect:Direct attempts to resume the transfer at a predefined interval for a configured duration of time. The activity and statistics associated with the file transfers are logged to provide an audit trail that accounts for all actions taken during a file transmission.

  • Security and Compliance

    IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is one of the most trusted solutions and a leader in secure transfers. It ensures customer information stays private through a proprietary protocol and offers basic security through authentication and user proxies. Enabling you to control who has access to the IBM Sterling Connect:Direct server and what actions they are allowed to perform.

    Enhanced security is built in with Secure plus, however, if more security is required, IBM Secure Proxy (formerly known as Sterling Secure Proxy) can be implemented

  • Scalability

    With extensive scalability options, Connect:Direct ensures you are able to manage peak demand at regular pace. Large files and batches can be transferred without the concern of predetermined limits on file or transfer sizes.

  • Automation and Management

    Connect:Direct offers automation, scheduling and management capabilities that support 24X7 unattended operations. It can schedule jobs on a one-time, recurring, or continuous basis. The IBM Sterling File Accelerator overcomes latency issues in TCP/IP protocol. It increases transfer speed for large files over high speed networks by up to four times.

  • Supporting Multiple Platforms and Protocols

    The solution runs on every major platform, supporting multiple operating systems (z/OS, OpenVMS, i5/OS, UNIX and Linux and Windows) and network protocols (TCP/IP, SNA, and UDT). IBM Connect:Direct process language builds scripts to provide integration with back-end systems.”