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IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT)

IBM MQ Managed File Transfer provides a file transfer solution that is robust and easy to use. It takes advantage of IBM MQ’s proven reliability and connectivity to transfer files across a wide range of platforms and networks. This file transfer solution utilizes IBM MQ networks, allowing for seamless integration with existing file transfer systems.

MQ Managed File Transfer offers the following benefits:

All transfers are easily audited as there is full logging of transfers is provided at the source and destination systems. File transfer audit logs are stored in IBM MQ queues and optionally in a connected SQL database.

File transfers can be initiated using the graphical user interface (GUI) in IBM MQ Explorer, a command-line interface, or scripts.

The program is stress free and easy to implement. With the exception of IBM MQ, no additional software is required.

There are no compromises to Security as access to files is controlled using file system permissions. You can protect file transfers using SSL encryption and authentication.

You are able to set up file transfers to occur or be repeated at specified times, dates or intervals. File transfers can also be triggered by a range of system events, such as new files or updated files.

Architecture of MQ Managed File Transfer

Key components
MQ Managed File Transfer is comprised of the following components:

  • Agents
    MQ Managed File Transfer agents are programs that perform the fundamental file transfer function. Agents send and receive files from the local system.
  • Configuration and administration commands
    You use configuration and administration commands to control MQ Managed File Transfer from a command line. These commands can be controlled manually, from a script or a JCL.
  • Graphical user interface
    You can use the graphical user interface to administer and control MQ Managed File Transfer with point-and-click actions.
  • Database logger
    The database logger sends MQ Managed File Transfer log messages to a DB2 database.

MQ Managed File Transfer’s components use MQ to communicate with each other. Agents in particular use MQ to transport the contents of files through the network to other agents.

All of the components listed above are supported by one or more MQ queue managers in the network.