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IBM MQ Appliance

IBM MQ performance with the rapid deployment of an appliance

IBM® MQ Appliance provides the application connectivity performance of IBM MQ software in a physical messaging appliance. It offers rapid deployment of enterprise messaging with easier administration. Performance and message throughput are optimized for the appliance’s capability and configuration.

IBM MQ Appliance delivers exceptional performance and capacity with the inclusion of large capacity (3.2TB) solid-state drives (SSD). You can also take advantage of simultaneous synchronous high availability (HA) and asynchronous disaster recovery (DR) capabilities with additional 10GB Ethernet ports.

IBM MQ Appliance is available in two options:

  • IBM MQ Appliance M2002A for larger enterprise workloads.
  • IBM MQ Appliance M2002B for smaller workloads and lower processing capability at a lower price.

IBM MQ Appliance:

  • Simplifies configuration, management and monitoring with the IBM MQ Console—a browser-based, personalized tool.
  • Increases flexibility with single or multiple queue managers that participate in IBM MQ clusters and exchange messages with other queue managers or IBM MQ clients.
  • Improves message security with IBM MQ Advanced Message Security.
  • Keeps data safe with built-in HA and DR capabilities.
  • Lowers cost of ownership through rapid deployment and simplified administration and maintenance.