CommerceQuest SA achieves B-BBEE Level Rating 2 in ICT Sector

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As part of the ongoing CommerceQuest SA (CQSA) initiatives to drive Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) within the company, CQSA has been awarded with a Level 2 B-BEE rating for a Qualifying Small Enterprise in the ICT sector.

The BEE rating was made official on 30th May 2017 which provides CQSA with a 51% Black Women Owned classification.

According to Eric Sommer, Managing Director, CQSA, “Our big drive during 2016 was not to just maintain our company BEE status, but to increase it for 2017 and provide some real value to the community, in particular, to students who wish to enter the IT sectors, especially Black Females. The new codes for BEE introduced in 2016, meant that we had to focus on providing tangible projects that would deliver successful outcomes and help people.”
CQSA Directors and Management team, met with various educational groups and decided to join with the Izzy Foundation to identify worthy candidates who would benefit a great deal from being provided with full bursaries to study for their degrees.

“We currently have 2 students now enrolled in the Inkanyezi Empowerment Trust (formed by CQSA) in February 2017, who we have provided full bursaries to for 2017. The students will also have the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with our technical team at CQSA offices in July and on completion of their degrees, they will have an automatic entrance into our CQSA IT Leanership programme and receive ongoing mentorship” says Sommer.

Alex Steyn, Sales Director, at CQSA also comments “We are extremely happy with such a good BEE rating for a small enterprise company such as ours. It was hugely important for us to identify and secure a complete BEE initiative, and black females are greatly needed in the IT industry. We also owe it to our customers to achieve a high rating, and provide educational opportunities into the local IT sector”.

CommerceQuest SA celebrates its 20th Year in business in 2017, and continues to achieve success and grow its skills talent in the software and services sector with the IBM Integration and Cloud solutions.

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