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CQSA AgileFile

With the introduction of PCI and the POPI Act – FTP, XCOMM etc do not cut it anymore! The CQSA AgileFile has been designed to provide companies with an “out of the box” secure file transfer solution.

AgileFile is a IBM Connect:Direct installation providing for a connection to a single trading partner. SARS, most banks, major retailers and more have been using Connect:Direct reliably, and securely, for more than 20 years!

The solution package is a monthly rental of the product, with all installation, configuration and support for a low monthly cost.

The CQSA AgileFile team of specialists can deliver an out of the box secure file transfer solution to meet the customer’s specific requirements which is totally scalable.

For more information on the CommerceQuest AgileFile solution please contact or call +27 11 447 4701 for more information or to arrange a meeting at your premises to discuss your specific needs and requirements