AgileFile from AgileCloud: part 2

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AgileFile using Connect:Direct for Submissions to SARS

This is our second article designed by the team at AgileCloud that will provide you with further information about the new AgileFile solution.

After the successful launch in June 2016 of AgileFile, by the AgileCloud team at CommerceQuest South Africa (CQSA), a number of small to medium (SMEs) companies have signed up to use AgileFile to send their 3rd Party files to SARS. The ease of providing SMEs with a remote installation of the IBM Connect:Direct software program, setting up of the customised Folders required and the management by the AgileFile team to assist with any technical issues, has proven to be both simple and very cost effective.

AgileFile is also used to transmit and share files with the Department of Home Affairs and with the leading large banks in South Africa.

AgileFile is made up of Connect:Direct as the Transfer Engine, together with CQSA remote management completes the solution. With a real-time monitoring component that notifies the AgileFile Support Centre of any technical issues with either the connection, the file, or the actual transfer process. Therefore, the end-user is only needed when a manual intervention is required (on their system) to re-enable the transfers.

Designed to take away the administration headaches for clients, AgileFile is an ‘under the covers’ installation, configuration and management solution utilizing Connect:Direct with simple operation that ensures a company can transfer files to and from a single connected partner with minimal effort. AgileFile provides a single connection, to the relevant connecting party (e.g. SARS, Bank, etc). It provides alerts and reports regarding the files being sent and received. Remote monitoring of the solution ensures the User never has to worry about the system, and does not need to employ or have access to any ‘specialist’ skills.

AgileFile is a fully managed service from AgileCloud, paid on a monthly basis (OPEX). We have 5 x contracts available, 12 months (1 Year) to 60 months (five years). The service includes the Connect:Direct software licence fee, installation of AgileFile on your server, configuration, management by AgileCloud team, maintenance checks, remote assistance and weekly monitoring via remote VPN connection. The monthly fee is from as low as R1 700 per month –a special launch offer!

If your company is looking for an easy and cost effective way, with monthly payments – why not phone AgileCloud and ask for a quote for AgileFile today?