IBM Sterling Connect:Direct provides companies the resources and performance they need to manage file transfer between mission-critical applications. It is the leading point-to-point, secure file transfer solution that fulfils the need for high-volume, secure, and reliable file delivery between companies. It offers a variety of functions that can be used for billing, secure transfer of sensitive information, and even the synchronization of data-recovery facilities.

Sterling Connect:Direct faster throughput represents a clear advantage for customers who need to transfer files within a particular timeframe. Lower CPU utilization rates mean that servers are not overtaxed during transfers, allowing the servers to be used for other tasks.
Unlike FTP implementations, Sterling Connect:Direct eliminates the need for manual intervention in data delivery, improving productivity and the reliability of business processes.

Some of the Key Benefits and Features of IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

  • Predictability

    Connect:Direct files can be sent using assured delivery through automated scheduling, checkpoint restart, and automatic recovery or retry. If a file transfer is interrupted, Sterling Connect: Direct attempts to resume the transfer at a predefined interval for a configured duration of time. The activity and statistics associated with the file transfers are logged to provide an audit trail that accounts for all actions taken during a file transmission.

  • Security and Compliance

    Connect:Direct is one of the most trusted solutions and a leader in secure transfers. It ensures customer information stays private through a proprietary protocol and offers basic security through authentication and user proxies. Enabling you to control who has access to the Sterling Connect: Direct server and what actions they are allowed to perform. Enhanced security is available through the following additional MFT products: Sterling Connect: Direct Secure Plus or Sterling Secure Proxy.

  • Scalability

    With extensive scalability options, Connect:Direct ensures you are able to manage peak demand at regular pace. Large files and batches can be transferred without the concern of predetermined limits on file or transfer sizes.

  • Automation and Management

    Connect:Direct offers automation, scheduling and management capabilities that support 24X7 unattended operations. It can schedule jobs on a one-time, recurring, or continuous basis. The IBM Sterling File Accelerator overcomes latency issues in TCP/IP protocol. It increases transfer speed for large files over high speed networks by up to four times.

  • Supporting Multiple Platforms and Protocols

    The solution runs on every major platform, supporting multiple operating systems (z/OS, OpenVMS, i5/OS, UNIX and Linux and Windows) and network protocols (TCP/IP, SNA, and UDT). IBM Connect: Direct process language builds scripts to provide integration with back-end systems.”