Your Data: Secured


Capitalware is a consulting services and product development firm specializing in messaging middleware space. Currently, Capitalware sells 15 products in the MQ space. The products range from developer tools to security solutions. MQ Visual Edit is Capitalware’s leading product and is used by more than 500 companies’ worldwide. These companies are primarily from the financial services and retail sectors.

Middleware is defined as software that resides between an application program and the base operating systems, databases and networking functions. It was designed to shield application developers from complex low-level coding. Middleware provides interoperability, portability and scalability of applications.

CommerceQuest South Africa has been a CapitalWare Partner for more than five years. Our customers have found much value in implementing such products as Capitalware MQ Enterprise Security Suite and Capitalware MQ Channel Encryption.

Offerings with CapitalWare Product Suite include:

MQ Enterprise Security Suite major features are:

  • Authenticate a user against the server’s native OS (or against a File) or a remote LDAP server.
  • Support for Proxy UserIDs
  • Ability to turn off server-side authentication
  • Provides monitoring tool tie-in by using custom MQ event messages
  • Provides logging capability for all connecting client applications regardless if they were successful or not.

MQ Auditor Overview: The MQ Auditor v1.2.0 (MQA) is a new solution that allows a company to audit / track all MQ API calls performed by MQ applications that are connected to a queue manager. The API Exit operates with MQ v5.3, v6.0 or v7.0 in Windows, Unix, IBM i and Linux environments.

MQ Channel Encryption: Can be configured as either queue manager to queue manager or client application to queue manager solution. In both modes, all message data flowing over a channel will be encrypted. There is secure encryption/decryption methodology that is easy to set up and configure. A high-level logging capability is provided for encryption/ decryption processing.

MQ Authenticate User Security Exit (MQAUSX) is a solution that allows a company to fully authenticate a user who is accessing a MQ resource. It authenticates the user’s UserID and Password against the server’s native OS system, LDAP server, Microsoft’s Active Directory, Quest Authentication Services (QAS), Centrify’s DirectControl or an encrypted MQAUSX FBA file.

The MQ Message Encryption (MQME) provides encryption for MQ message data while it resides in a queue (i.e. data at rest) and the message data in the MQ Log files. The API Exit operates with MQ v5.3, v6.0 or v7.0 in Windows, Unix, IBM i and Linux environments.

The MQ Standard Security Exit (MQSSX) allows a company to control and restrict who is accessing a MQ resource. It works with Server Connection, Receiver, Requestor and Cluster-Receiver channels of MQ queue manager.